I Received JESUS

Dear Friend,  Congratulations for Your Decision to receive Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior! It is the best decision and day of your life! We Rejoice with You, and All of heaven rejoices with you!

We would like to encourage you to continue in this NEW LIFE experience and that You may draw closer to God each and every day through prayer, talking to God, and through His Word, The Bible, so that you may grow in your faith, and be strengthened and encouraged daily by His Love and Holy Spirit who is now with you.

We also encourage you to get involved in a Bible-teaching Church, and also take time to make use of our free online resources so that you may grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.  We would love to hear from you and pray for you.  We are excited that you found HOPE with Jesus and also for what the Lord Jesus will do in and through your life!

God Bless You!  HopeWithJesus.com 

Please take a moment and Share YOUR DECISION with Us!

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